Start maintenance mode in the future

Discussion created by RobKelley on Dec 21, 2011

We anticipate that the inability to set a start date for maintenance mode via UMP will be a significant challenge for our organization.  I've tested setting a start date for maintanence mode using the probe utility and am considering writting a script to collect and convert the necessary parameters from the end user.  I'd really prefer that this be supported in the mainenance_mode portlet in UMP as it looks like it would be really easy for Nimsoft to have coded.  I suspect that the setMainMode class in the jar file could be updated somewhat along the lines below in order to allow for the 'from' parameter to be set.  However the front-end which appears to be Adobe Flex would probably need to be modified in order to present the necessary files in the MM portlet.  Does anyone have experience in this area?


public static void setMaintMode(String[] paramArrayOfString, Date paramDate)     throws Exception   {     try     {      int MMunitl =  (textField1.getText() /1000L);      int MMcomment = (textField2.getText() /1000L);      int MMfrom =  textField3.getText();       for (String str : paramArrayOfString) {         PDS localPDS = new PDS();         localPDS.put("until", MMuntil);         localPDS.put("comment", MMcomment);         localPDS.put("from", MMfrom);         NimRequestPoolInstance.getInstance(new StringBuilder().append(str).append("/controller").toString()).send("maint_until", localPDS);       }      }     catch (Throwable localThrowable)     {       throw new DataFactoryException(localThrowable);     }   }

Probe Utility command to set maintenace mode with a start date and time: 


pu.exe -u administrator -p <password> /MGI/qmnams1425_POC/qmnams1425/controller maint_until 13225022908 "" "test from API 2" 13225012908