UMP Account question

Discussion created by ntimm on Jun 29, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2010 by ntimm

from brief playing in the UMP portal, I am guessing the current account contact logins do not work with ump and that you have to set seperate loging to use ump.  These logins still do work if user goes to sdp directly.  Is there plans to implement this or am I just missing it.  I have the latest ump 1.5 beta installed.  I would really like for the current nimsoft account users to be able to login with there current id instead of creating new ones for UMP. 

I also redirect http://myportal to http://myportal/SDP right now and after installing UMP it looks like it uses the http://myportal root so the redirect would break once put in production.  Is there a way around this as all of our customer use the http://myportal to access SDP.

Just some questions as I like the UMP but really don't want to have to recreate a bunch of stuff to use it.  The documentation doesn't say much on using current account users to login to ump.