ODBC DSN on x64 Windows

Discussion created by kristina.engan on Dec 2, 2009
Many of the Nimsoft probes run natively as 32-bit applications in the WoW layer of Windows x64 platforms. When creating a System DSN to use with probes like sql_response, you may not see the DSN you create in the probe's drop-down connection menu.

To work around this, there is a 32-bit version of the ODBC Data Source Administrator called odbcad32.exe. It is located in %systemroot%\sysWOW64. Depending on how UAC is configured for Windows 2008, you may need to right-click the executable and choose "Run As Administrator" when launching the ODBC dministrator.

Any DSN you create with the 32-bit ODBC administrator will be available to 32-bit applications, including the sql_response probe.

Problem solved!