Panels not clickable in UMP

Discussion created by lieven_detant on Mar 16, 2011
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Hello, I'm encountering a problem with panels in the Unified Monitoring Portal. My goal is to develop a drill-down dashboard. Therefor I'm using panels. With these panels, you can easily create a tree-structure of dashboards. When you click on a panel on the main dashboard, a new dashboard is supposed to appear. In the Unified Monitoring Portal, the tree-structure works and the panels are clickable. When I try to get a preview of the dashboard, a new page in my webbrowser is opened. But in this preview, my panels are NOT clickable. Is someone ecountering the same problem? Do I have to publish my dashboard first? And where do i find my dashboard when it is published? In the manual is mentioned that published dashboards are stored in the Nimsof Information Store (NIS), but I haven't found it yet. Thanks.