SQL Query works great in SLM "tools/sql query" but is invalid in UMP custom dashboard "table"!

Discussion created by heled03 Employee on Sep 8, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2011 by spiad01

Hello Team,


I have the below sql query that works great in the Service Level Managers SQL Query tool but when added to a table in the dashboard designer the test returns an invalid query message.


select top 10 source,target,avg(samplevalue) as samplevalue from V_qos_datastore_pct_free_vmware where probe ='vmware'and source like'esxsvr1os' group by source,target order by avg(samplevalue) desc


I am trying to extract the datastore for a specific esx host.

The above query will work for you since it's from the EnterpriseHQ vmware deployment.

If anyone has an idea why it's invalid in UMP Custom Dashboards it sure would help out one of our customers!