Nimsoft Service Desk Installation Notes/Feedback

Discussion created by spiad01 Employee on Jul 4, 2011
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G'Day Everyone,


Just thought I would start a Thread for and the new NSD install...


I've been doing a bit of work with it and found the following info that may be helpful to people.


  • If you install NSD windows version with the Installation defaults for the install dir, then the install will probably fail. There is a small note on the very last page of the Troubleshooting guide that states that you should not use any spaces in the install directory. Even though the install default is "C:\Program Files\Nimsoft Service Desk". it is suggestd to use "C:\NimsoftServiceDesk".


  • After the install you need to manually configure the Windows service to Automatically start with Windows, this cannot be done from the Windows services screen. You need to run the command c:\NimsoftServiceDesk\tomcat\bin\tomcat5w.exe //ES//tomcat


Also have a question....


  • On my installation the help button does not seem to work, it goes to the xwiki page O.K. but fails to login, has anyone else seen this proble?