Customers using Nimsoft to monitor Video Conferencing

Discussion created by sperich on Mar 7, 2011

Hi there


A prospect I met with today asked if we have anyone using NMS to monitor the state of video conferencing endpoints and infrastructure, as that's all they specifically are after since that's their business.  They have primarily Cisco network infrastructure, Cisco UCM, (Codian?) CUVC and Tandberg bridging, and their customer endpoints are some Cisco but more predominently Polycom and Tandberg. They'd love to get stats like port utilsation on video bridges, jitter, packet loss and all that sort of thing.  


I realise most of that can be pulled via existing SNMP, Cisco and SAA probes but more interested in if anyone you know if is actually DOING it, what they're doing and how it's working out for them. Closest I could find was this link:  http://forum.nimsoft.com/t5/Tech-Forum/Cisco-Telepresence/m-p/3272/highlight/true#M107  and this white paper http://www.tandberg.com/collateral/white_papers/whitepaper_SNMP-Technical_Manual.pdf


Anything you could provide would be marvellous. 


Thanks in advance