Formatting Baseboard Management Controller Hardware Traps Question?

Discussion created by ray.wood on Mar 3, 2011
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Our partner in France is running a POC of NMS at Bull Systems looking to replace Nagios. They have a requirement to receive SNMP traps from Baseboard Management Controller Hardware and convert to Nimsoft alarms. They are able to receive traps in the SNMPTD probe trap monitor but the variables field looks corrupt. Here is the full email from the partner (see also attached screenshot):

We currently try to integrate some profile in the SNMPD probe to capture event from BMC (Baseboard management controller) IPMI. The prospect has given me the mib , but when whe receive trap from the BMC controller i've got a strange format as you can see on the attached screenshot. (have a look on the Variables column !!). So we couldn't read the correct description in the trap.

The workaround is to manually send a test trap from each kind of event and recreate manually the profile . But there is almost 80 events !!! Or maybe you know how i can get the description row (from the MIB Traps Browser) in the alarm message. I try many variables with $ (from the auto-completion)



Has anyone seen this type of problem before? Any idea what the problem is?