Input Date Ranges into a Unified Report

Discussion created by BryanMorrow on Dec 9, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2010 by geir.haugom

Does anyone know if it is possible to input date ranges dynamically into an already created Unified Report template? I figure there are command line or API actions that would allow this but I am unfamiliar with them. There is also an open source product at that I believe would provide this functionality. My reasoning is a POC prospect has asked for the ability of their customers to specify date ranges for a report, in this instance a Device Availability report.


I know a QOS Chart could do this same type of information but as device availability based on net_connect isn't automatically created as a QOS I'm not sure how I could accomplish this unless creating a probe that took my SQL query and actually created a QOS object was made.


Any suggestions on the dynamic dates in a report or the custom QOS objects would be greatly appreciated.