Time of day thresholds?

Discussion created by ray.wood on Nov 19, 2010
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Still working on this POC :-)


There is a requirement to have different thresholds set for various metrics at different times of the day. I was hoping that Dynamic Thresholds would be able to satisfy this requirement but customer requires more flexibility than this. They effectively want to have a schedule for each metric to cover:


  1. Set of thresholds per metric for specific time periods e.g. metric < 1000 during peak hours and metric < 500 during off-peak hours.
  2. Set of thresholds to cater for expected and predictable peaks e.g. marketing periods - metric < 1500.

Above is just an example and not exhaustive.


By the way, the SQLSERVER probe seems to cater for the above - it has a schedule that can be applied to each metric - but that's not typical. I was thinking that the above could be done via custom code but no idea how long to quote for a services engagement.


Has anyone come across this requirement and developed a solution?

Alternatively any good arguments why you wouldn't want to do above?