Problems with new Google probe updates ...

Discussion created by Gennady on Sep 25, 2010

New google probes have been released ( google_apps, and google_app_engine ). If your customers are running an older version of the probe/s and they have upgraded to the new set of google probes they will not be able to see new QoS data coming in ...


If a probe name changes, QOS measurements will still be logged against the original probe name

The qos data_manager, when inserting a new QOS, does not appear to treat probe name as a component of what determines a unique QOS measurement.  The point logged by the re-named probe is inserted into the same data table as previous points logged by the original probe (i.e. the same S_QOS_DATA.table_id). 

Change the probe name in the S_QOS_DATA table for all rows that correspond to the probe in question:

old probe name: googleApps
new probe name: google_apps

SQL statment to fix database:
update s_qos_data set probe='google_apps' where probe='googleApps'

Note: refresh your SLM view to see change after running the update statement.


Please let me know if there are any further questions.