How do we price/license virtualized server environments.

Discussion created by CharlesKRoth on Jun 3, 2010
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I'm trying to get clarification on how we price our monitoring for virtualized server environments.   I know it depends on which probes a customer wants to use and what they want to monitor.   Is the example below correct?   Basically I'm trying to determine whether the basic server probe needs to be sold/licensed for the host (hypervisor instance) AND the guests, or just the host where hypervisor is running.


For example,  if we use our VMWare probe to monitor the virtualized environment via the hypervisor (ESX/Virtual Centerin this case), the customer needs to be licensed for one basic server probe per monitored hypervisor instance, but not for each guest vm running within the virtualized environment.  If however we utilize either our SNMP probe and/or robot and various basic or advanced server probes on each guest, then they need to be licensed for each guest as well.