New UMP LAR file:  All new summary views/dashboards included, USM and more...

Discussion created by birda06 Employee on Dec 22, 2010

Hi Everyone,


Attached is a new UMP LAR file that contains an organzed set of tabs.   All new portlets are included where appropriate - and this look and feel should be great for new users to NMS. 


Please note that this version does not include a “Home” tab.


This LAR is specifically designed for on premise installs.  This look and feel will be the new default for the next Nimsoft On Demand release (early Jan at this point).


One final change you will need to manually make is for the menus/tabs to show the entire title (so they don’t get cut off).   After importing the lar file into your Private Pages – select the “Look and Feel”/”CSS” section – and copy/paste the following text:


#navigation li:hover .child-menu {

         display: block !important;

         position: absolute !important;

         width: 280px  !important;

         z-index: 300  !important;