Anyone have issues with admin_console in 8.1 not finding any hubs and success in getting that fixed?

Discussion created by Garin on Jan 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2015 by comfortably_nim

I was able to run admin console (barely – at least it displayed data but was too slow to actually operate) in 8.0. I applied the 8.1 upgrade and now it doesn’t work.

Specifically, it takes sometimes hours before service_host gets Tomcat to the point that it will respond to page load requests.


Jan 20 22:21:16:272 [tomcat, service_host] Jan 20, 2015 10:21:16 PM org.apache.catalina.startup.Catalina start Jan 20 22:21:16:273 [tomcat, service_host] INFO: Server startup in 12115661 ms Jan 20 22:21:16:273 [main, service_host] tomcat started.


Once the 12115661 ms have elapsed, you can finally get the main admin page that lists the admin console and IM links along with the install packages.

If you select the admin console link, you get the admin console painted and the “Please Wait” progress indicator comes up for almost exactly 120 seconds. That’s suspicious in and of itself. After that 120 seconds, the right hand side of the web page displays “No hubs to display”. All the buttons are functional and you can use the search box though it finds nothing because there are no hubs loaded.


Support spent a bunch of time looking at logs and tweaking parameters to no avail. Logs are mostly clean of anything error like and everything that’s supposed to be running apparently is.

So, any thoughts out there on what might be going on?