Interface Traffic - Configuration Anomaly

Discussion created by bvloch on Jan 1, 2015
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I am trying to determine what is causing the follwoing issue. Every now and then we will find a device in Interface_Traffic that a end-user cannot delete/modify, etc. In looking at the .cfg file the reason for this that interface tags have the string <WAS....> e.g. <WAS-526712960>. This value is not expected as interface index must be having value of numeric type so the  We do not see this very often and we only have noticed this on devices that have been monitored from interface_traffic going back a long time ago. It is either a probe issue or some end user trying to a scripted search and replace outside of the gui.  Knowing if other CA customers are having this issue would prove this to a an issue with the probe. Please reply if you have seen this issue before. 


Thank you