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Help creating a Nimsoft Probe in LUA

Question asked by paul.thomas.1 on Sep 23, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2014 by paul.thomas.1

Hi all, 


I’m looking for some pointers in creating a probe in LUA.


I have already created a windows probe running VB, but this LUA one, running on Linux is proving rather painful!


After failing dismally to get my LUA script to run as a probe (it runs fine from the command line, as standard LUA). I used the code wizard to create something simply to use the logging facility:


probe.log(0,"Exiting program");


This is saved as filename.lua


When creating the probe, the lua ‘file’ properties has a type of binary (Yes, I have tried most of the others too!)


The ‘probe definition’ is of the timed type. With 'command' of /opt/usr/lua and 'argument' of filename.lua


Deploying the probe reports the following in both probe and controller logs:


Controller: Timed probe probe-name returned error code 1/0


 I have tried various methods -  for example, having the 'command' of filename.lua (and no arguments) produces the following:


Controller: Timed probe probe-name returned error code 255/0


Unfortunately, the code wizard documentation does not appear to contain any LUA examples.


Any advice is much appreciated.


Best regards,