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UMP PRD Legend Modify Table

Discussion created by Daniel Blanco Champion on Aug 9, 2014
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When creating a Performance Report using the PRDesigner, Is there a way to modify the Table Lenged ?

The default Table version displays the SOURCE column and I need it to display the QOS Metric name instead.


I tried switching to Line view but that is horribly tiny text that cannot be read. Is there a way to modify this? Can I either modify the Table Source Column or If viewing the Line version to increate the size of the text?



Is it also possible to create a PDR view, and have it auto display a set time range? Creating an analytical report from April to June and need to display this range when someone clicks the report button for any host in this new Group that I am creating? By default it's the last 24 hours but even when I save the PRD with the April 1st to June 31 range, in the USM it still pops it open to last 24.