sampling and check interval

Discussion created by moylu01 Employee on Jul 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2014 by jonhcw

Hi, I noticed that when I change the Check interval in metrics like CPU in the RN_QOS_DATA_xxxx i saw de values on the samplevalue, and the sampletime values corresponding to that interval, but changing the sample value for example to 5 the sample rate field allways appears as 60.


My question the samples are only used to establish thresholds but, are not reflected as new values stored in the database for example if I use a interval of 1 min and 5 samples, maybe I'll expect to see in a minute 5 values, instead of 1?


The other if so, there is a way to evidenciate this 5 samples, maybe in the logs?


Really im interested to evidenciate SYBASE probe but I expect that this will have the same principle as CDM