ews_response and bouncing mails without send profile

Discussion created by jonhcw on May 22, 2014
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I'm trying to get the ews_response probe to bounce back mails from other instances. I can't seem to get it working without having a "send" profile in the instance that only needs to bounce mails back.


I've set the general "bounce" option to active and created a user. It scans the inbox, but never replies to any messages. I've also tried under user -> advances setting the override, but still no luck.


if I create a profile that sends mail to self, then it also replies to mails sent by other instances.


I'm wondering if anyone has come across something like this?


Also wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the reliability of these messages: "test_profile: Mail roundtrip used 2346 seconds, which is 2226 seconds over the alarm threshold (120 seconds)". I'm copying all the messages to secondary folders as they're hard deleted, but looking at the headers I still haven't actually found any messages that spent so much time on the way. Could be I'm missing something..


I also have a support case open on the issue.