The new high performance ping probe known as "icmp"

Discussion created by anders.synstad on Apr 7, 2014
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Basicly, it's icmp only. We, like many other, utilize the tcp checking in
net_connect to do tcp checks against i.e. ssh and rdp in addition to icmp
checking the hosts.


Since we still wan't to do the tcp checks, we'll still need net_connect probe
with the same amount of profiles, and pretty much the same configuration.


Based on some testing I did earlier (but I might have gotten it wrong),
net_connect doesn't fail properly on the tcp checks if it's unable to check
them. However, I need to do more testing regarding this.


Furthermore, the new icmp probe has next to no config settings. What you can
configure is this:



  • loglevel (default 1)
  • timeout in seconds (defailt 2)
  • number of packets (default 3)
  • buffer size (default 64)
  • interval in seconds (default 600)

Per profile:

  • hostname
  • active (checkbox)
  • interval in seconds
  • buffer size
  • TOS Format (default Decimal)
  • TOS Type (default TOS)
  • TOS Value (default 0)

So, they create a brand new probe that is gonna be the new ping flagship, and 

it's utter garbarge when it comes to configuration.


What happened to configuration settings like..

  • schedules.
  • loglevel per profile? Debugging these probes with support for only global loglevel is a pain.
  • No options to override fields like source, target and origin.
  • No sample/alertafter settings to only trigger alarms if profile fails N intervals in a row.
  • No support for retries within the interval.
  • No support for custom messages on profiles.
  • No obvious settings at least for monitoring packet loss.
  • No way of selecting what QoS you want and don't want.

I mean, the new probe doesn't even support the same set of features related to 

icmp that net_connect does.


And the memory usage. According to the doc, it needs: "Memory: 6 GB of RAM for
20000 resources, 8 GB for 30000 resources, 12 GB for 50000 resources." What on
earth are they doing? Storing the entire internet in the probe?


What is going on here?