Automatic deploy of CDM ?

Discussion created by Henrik_tilly on Feb 7, 2014
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Hi there!


How do ypu guys deploy the CDM probe in new system?


Our needs is this:

When a new (virtual) machine is deployed, the Nimsoft robot is automatically deployed and report in to the correct hub.

So far so good.


Now to the more complex part..  how to get the CDM porbe correct configured on the host?

Autodeploy, yes. If OS = Win / Linux, deploy CDM.


Now we have a working OS with the Nimsoft robot deployed in the correct hub and a CDM proble that monitor CPU and memory.

How do we get this probe to automatically monitor the mounted disks ?

Example: Is the disk connected, if more than  x % disk full, send an alarm.


Are we the only one having this problem ??

I.E. No manually steps to get the most basic monitoring up and running.