AO Script issue

Discussion created by Chris548 on Oct 15, 2013
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I have a script that runs every few minutes looking for robots in maintenance mode..  When I have 4 servers named seav3dnw02, seav3dnw04 and tukv3dnw02 and tukv3dnw04, I get the alarms the script is supposed to generate, but whats happening, instead of getting 4 individual alarms, I'm getting two.  Of those two, the history shows the message... and there are two different messages based on the names... for example "seav3dnw04:  This server is in maintenance mode.  Disregard any alarms referencing it"  but the history shows one alarm for that, and another alarm for seav3dnw02.  But it's suppressed...  Somehow the alarms are being consolidated...  


Here is the script:


hubs = nimbus.request("hub", "gethubs")

for i,_ in pairs(hubs.hublist) do
robots,rc = nimbus.request(hubs.hublist[i].addr, "getrobots")

if rc == 0 then
for _,robot in pairs(robots.robotlist) do
if robot.status == 4 then
-- print(": "..robot.status)
nimbus.alarm(1,": This server is in maintenance mode. Disregard any alarms referencing it")
print("skipping "..hubs.hublist[i].addr)


Any ideas as to why the messages are being suppressed into two alarms vs 4?