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HUB to Robot Probe Distribution NAT

Question asked by ASP on May 16, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by gpolk

We have a situation where we have Robots installed on customer sites.


We do not want to place a HUB in each customer site as some customer sites only have one Robot installed.

We want all robots to report to a central HUB in our datacenter.


Upon installing the Robots, the Robots successfully connect to the central HUB. We've got around a Robot's local IP being registered to the HUB by configuring the "robotip_alias = <NAT'd IP>" setting in the robot.cfg file.


Problem 1: Probe Distribution

When we attempt to distribute probes to a Robot, we get "inst_pkg failed: illegal SID"


The Robot's Controller log file shows:

(SecCallVerifyLogin) request verify_login failed <NAT'd IP of HUB>/48002 (illegal SID)

verify login - cmd=inst_pkg frm=<NAT'd IP of HUB containing Archive>/4517 failed


Problem 2: Connect to Robot's controller from HUB

When we double click a Robot's controller whilst logged into Infrastructure Manager on a HUB, we get "

You must login to the appropriate domain to access the probe!!"


Any help would be greatly appreciated.