Adding a second hub

Discussion created by PaulWegs on Mar 6, 2013
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Currently, we have all of our remote hubs with queues connecting back to a single hub. This single hub also does everything else, and support staff connect to this hub with Infrastructure Manager.

We've recently been experiencing some issues with queues growing quite large, and have put it down to the fact that we are over subscribed... most of the time running a list_subscribers on the hub shows a count of 70+


What we would like to do as a first step is to create a new hub which we can direct our support staff to connect to. This would reduce a lot of the temporary queues on that primary hub.


Can someone please provide some advice, and point me in the direction of any documentation that describes how to do this? I have tried deploying the hub probe to a newly created server, and can log into that hub ok, but when I do, I don't see any of the alarms. Does the nas probe need to be deployed too, and if so, what sort of configuration would it require?