Message Storms when reloading Exchange Monitor

Discussion created by a.pietersen on Jan 30, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2013 by asu

Every time when we make a (minor) change to the setting of the Exchange_monitor we get a large nummer of critical messages that performance-counters are not found. It always finished with a Message Storm message from the spooler. In our custom dasboards we use sound alert when critical messages show up. Very annoying for our customers.


I have looked for the specific "performance_counter" not found" message trying to change it to Major severity, but did not find it anywhere (not in: exchange_monitor, perfmon, ntperf, ntperf64 or anywhere else) Most of the time de critical messages will clear itself


My Questions:


- Where does this message come from and where is the severity set? 

- Why not build in a delay-time to reload the exchange_probe totally before sending useless alarm-messages


Hopefully someone can give me a hint!  Thanks


Details: of the approx 100 messages every reload Exchange_monitor probe (depending fo the settings)


Disk - Average Disk Seconds per Read: Get performance monitoring value - not found