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NAS- Exclude Probes

Question asked by chris_amaya on Nov 21, 2012
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I have some issues with the configuration of the nas probe, I want to do an exception of some probes for example right now

I have an Auto Operator for a certain Hub:


The configuration is this(Filter by the NMS Hub Name)


Action Type: EMAIL


Severity Levels:Major, Critical.


On Overdue Age: 5m



I want to make an exception for this auto operator because I need the following:


(net_connect is sending QoS in intervals of 2min)



- In the net_connect alarm of Ping(send email on overdue age of 5 min)

-In the net_connect alarm of Packet Loss(I need a message counter for 10 alarm messages, I do not want an email alarm for only a metric, because in some ocasion this alarms are an isolated case from bandwith utilization, but if the alarm sostein for 10 alarms messages i am sure that this is a problem.)


Any Idea?


PD: In the other hand I want to know if I can exclude an SubSistem Id from an Auto Operator.?