Unix CDM config deploy

Discussion created by phillip.simpson on Nov 20, 2012
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Trying to deploy a custom config file to monitor /var on all Unix systems. It's already monitored on most systems, but we need to make sure. How can I keep the "Disk" field intact. Removing the "Disk=" switch from the config file makes the installation fail. Leaving it blank clears that field (with both Edit and Overwrite switches). Or is it not relevant? As far as I know, we don't use that field for anything, so having it blank isn't really a problem, but I need to be sure that each probe is monitoring the local /var filesystem. So, how can I get it to leave the current entry in the Disk switch intact?


<disk> edit    interval = 15 min    samples = 1    use_systemspace = no    ignore_filesystem =     ignore_device = /autofsmount.*|.*:\/.*/    <alarm> overwrite       active = yes       <fixed> edit                 <#var> edit             active = yes             description = File system /var
            disk =              qos_disk_usage = no             qos_disk_usage_perc = yes             percent = yes             inode_active = no             inode_percent = no             qos_inode_usage = no             qos_inode_usage_perc = no             <error> overwrite                active = yes                threshold = 10                message = DiskError             </error>             <warning> overwrite                active = yes                threshold = 20                message = DiskWarning             </warning>             <inode_error> overwrite                active = no                threshold = 10                message = InodeError             </inode_error>             <inode_warning> overwrite                active = no                threshold = 20                message = InodeWarning             </inode_warning>             <missing> overwrite                message = DiskMissing             </missing>          </#var>       </fixed>    </alarm>