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Be Aware for NMS 610 Build 41 GA - Shown on download page

Question asked by a.pietersen on Nov 9, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2012 by a.pietersen

We recently upgrade to NMS610 Build 39 - so far so good. Short after that HUB 5.82 came avaialble as GA. Updating to hub version 5.82 did all our robots crash inlucluding the main NMS -server. Ofcourse searched the knowledge base and all other resources. Took us a lot of time to repair.


It appears a known and serieus issue for some weeks now and was/is awaiting a fix.


So when I noticed the new build 41 and expected to have a stable hub version. Unfortunately. NMS 6.10 Build 41 is packed with hub 5.82 included in the package. Took us again a lot of time to repair.


Question: Why is Nimsoft releasing full NMS 610 version with a known unstable hub component. Can somebody explain this to me? Do I miss something?