Performance Reports not loading a graph.

Discussion created by prubin on Oct 20, 2012
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For the last 2 days I've been trying to troubleshoot a problem with my PerformanceReport and am out of ideas completely, thus I come to you for suggestions.


Disclaimer: The environment is running the great antique that is UMP 2.0. This is why I can't contact Support directly, and hopefully the beehive knows something I don't.


Sequence of events --

1. Built a performance report with 10 graphs, each graph has between 10 and 17 lines on it. All good here.

2. I rearranged a couple of the graphs, just drag and drop. 6 of them stopped drawing lines and just showed the "Drag targets here" text. Rebuilding wouldn't force a change, but changing the timeframe would make it come up fine. It loaded fine in Designer too.

3. Opened up designer, and shuffled all of them a little, drag and drop. 5 of the 6 started to function normally.

4. Opened up designer, and shuffled some more. No change.

5. Deleted the graph and the target (using filters). Saved. Opened designer again, created a new fitler and graph. Saved. Rebuilt. No change. Still comes up with "Drag targets here" until I click my timeframe selector.


Not a browser thing, but I did try clearing my cache. It behaves exactly the same way in IE or Chrome, across a couple of computers I checked it on.


Anyone see something like this before?