Don't Forget the kudos!

Discussion created by carl on Sep 20, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2012 by RobPol

There are a few people here who contribute a lot to this board and are not paid by Nimsoft in anyway, they do it to help you guys, so please don't forget the kudos button when someone gives you a good answer. It's just a nice way to say "thanks". In the near future we hope to implement some gentle rewards for the top kudo'd users! (ideas?)


You can also give back to the community by accepting a post as a "solution" this helps other users to find the right answers when searching.


We will be making some changes to the forum soon to makes things, well, better and we would love to hear your ideas.


That said thank you all for your contributions to this board and we all home to make this a more vibrant and active community in the coming months!


Happy uptime!