DRBD and HEARTBEAT with Nimsoft

Discussion created by Carinet on May 25, 2012
Latest reply on May 30, 2012 by 1_keithk

I am  trying to set up DRBD and HEARTBEAT with  Nimsoft for a Highly Available fail over cluster. Nimsoft seems to defines the hubs by their host names. Which is giving us an issue. We have one server set as hub1 and the other as hub2 both have different IPs for SSH access but have a floater IP as part of the heartbeat fail over. The fail over is successful with mysql but when it start Nimsoft on the second server it only starts two of Probes(services) associated with nimbus. Specifically the "controller" and "hum" probes but nothing else.

I did stumble upon the HA probe but that seems to only work within nimsoft. Before exploring this option I would like to see if we can get drbd and heartbeat working first.


Does anyone have any suggestions? or possible documentation if this has been done before?


Thanks for the help