lua script to connect to SQL database with AD credentials

Discussion created by rgivens on May 3, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2014 by 1_keithk

Can lua connect to a SQL database using active directory credentials?  The examples I've found on the forums tend to use a sql account instead of an active directory account.  Is luasql part of the lua that is implemented in Nimsoft?


Here is the issue I'm trying to address:  We execute a sql script against a database to return a value with the adogtw probe.  From that value we generate an alarm and do QoS.  The people that want the alarm and QoS only want the script to run at 8AM.  The adogtw probe is not that flexible when it comes to scheduling a script to run only once at a specific time.  So I was going to use the QoS in the NimsoftSLM database.  I was thinking about setting up a LUA script to query the item in the database and have that script run at 8AM.  Based on the value returned I would have the LUA script create an alarm.


We don't use SQL accounts to access our db's so I was wondering if I could use the AD account I have setup for doing queries with the adogtw probe.