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Can't locate loadable object for module Nimbus::API in @INC

Question asked by leeHodges on Apr 26, 2012
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Looking for some advice on getting my Perl environment working with the Nimsoft API's.  After the hub was installed, I put Strawberry Perl 5.10.1 via a msi package before dropping the SDK_Perl package onto the same hub.  However, when I try to run a Perl script from the command-line which uses an api call (eg, nimbus::API), I get the following error:


Can't locate loadable object for module Nimbus::API in @INC


If I package my probe up and deploy it to the hub, I get a failure message in the console and log:


Apr 26 09:15:46:353 [1172] Controller: Timed probe perlTest returned error code 2/0


I assume that error 2/0 is telling me the same thing as the command-line error.


I have ensured that my OS perl5lib variable points to the correct place (e:\Nimsoft\perllib) and have also added this variable into the controller probe's Environment Variables.


Is there something I'm missing here?  Wrong Perl install?  Perl should've been installed before hub?  Incorrect environment variables?  I have tried this on two different hubs and have re-deployed the SDK_Perl package more than once but am getting the same issue.  All my work on Nimsoft is tied up with custom probes and I cannot do any work!


Thanks in advance for your help!




ps. I have raised this as a support case but nothing suggested is touching the problem as yet.