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UMP 2.61

Question asked by daleman on Mar 20, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2012 by daleman

We recently upgraded to UMP 2.6.1 from UMP 2.1.2 and I have a couple of questions.


When I log in to ump with my user credentials I am unable to see the Unified Dashboards.  I do not see that as a portlet to add.  When I log in as administrator by default it is already there.  My user account currently has the same rights as the admin account.  How can I add this?


When creating reports using the Performance Reports Designer, how can I create multiple graphs?  Previously we were using the Report Engine to create our custom reports.  This would allow you to create multiple graphs.


We didnt use UMP 2.1.2 much before due to performance issues so UMP is pretty much new to us.