logmon-probe and Queue SNMP-TRAP how to filter

Discussion created by MattGruber on Mar 2, 2012
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I have setup my snmptd to send an incomming Trap onto the BUS, as Dr.Nimbus told me, it was put correctly on the bus (see Bild-20120302-140354.jpg).

So far so good, I set up my hub, to attach to that Queue, set up the logmonprobe to fetch the queue (see: Bild-20120302-140920.jpg)


And how to setup the match to find what is in the red rectangle of Bild-20120302-140354.jpg.

Well even if I would build a format Rule, I had expeted, that the whole message the snmptd put on the bus is a line separated by something like space or so...


Has anyome something running like that, and some clues?





P.S. And no the Knowledgebase-"article" of the Customer Portal has only a 4 liner with the comprehensed documentation, and was not usefull, because all things that were readable in the article is also included in the documentation :-/