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Planning Nimsoft Upgrade to NMS 5.60

Question asked by daleman on Mar 1, 2012
Latest reply on May 6, 2012 by BalkanM

I am planning our NMS upgrade to 5.60 and UMP 2.5.2 from NMS 5.11.    I have listed the steps in which I am going to peform the upgrade.  Can someone tell me if the data_engine probe should be stopped or if any additional probes should be stopped during this upgrade?  Also we currently use the SLM for our sla, will we still be able to use this or do we need to use the sla portlet in the new UMP?




Run the NMS 5.60 installer on the Primary Hub
Run the UMP 2.5.2 installer on the Primary Hub
Update Infrastructure Manager
Connect to each Nimbus Child Hub (16)  and Install the latest version of Nimbus Hub Agent
Update each robot to latest version