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Sending an email to multiple recipients through emailgtw

Question asked by amit_saxena on Feb 29, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2012 by amit_saxena

Hi all,


I want to send an email to multiple recipients through emailgtw. I deployed emailgtw probe and created a profile comprising of multiple recipients separated by comma. I also configured a NAS auto operator profile which matches all alarms of critical and major severity and in the action, i typed EMAIL and in recipients list, I specified the name of the profile I created in emailgtw probe.


However what I have experienced is that there different emails specified for different recipients but not a single email with all the recipients.


I wanted to specify the name of emailgtw profile instead of all the email addresses in the recipients list in NAS auto operator profile. The reason for this is by using emailgtw probe, I can ensure that all the email recipients information are at one place.


Please help.



Amit Saxena