Processes Probe and Murex

Discussion created by jhelmbrecht on Nov 17, 2011
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I am experiencing an issue with long process commands from murex and trying monitor them from within the processes probe. It seems that after 100 characters, the processes command is truncated.


IE: java - http://PSMRXAPSG01:10000/murex.download.service.download murex.rmi.loader.RmiLoader/MXJ_CLASS_NAME:murex.xml.server.launcher.LauncherHome/MXJ_SITE_NAME:site1solprod/MXJ_LOG_LEVEL:0/MXJ_CONFIG_FILE:smileytongue:ublic.mxres.common.launchermxeventcapturetth.mxres


it will only shows within the processes probe:


java = http://PSMRXAPSG01:10000/murex.download.service.download murex.rmi.loader.RmiLoader/MXJ_CLASS_NAME:murex.xml.server.launcher.Launc


while the specific variable we are looking for is based on the config file public.mxres.common.launchermxeventcapturetth.mxres


any ideas?


I first thought that it might just be a gui limitation, but found it was the probe limitation on text length.


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