UMP - Unified Reports - Processes List View

Discussion created by jordanmacpherson on Nov 4, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2011 by dustin.lawler

In UMP 2.5.x there is a List View for Processes.  It is meant to show a view into Top Processes per environment for utilization based on either CPU or Memory.  


I am wondering how others have configured processes probe in their environment so that it displays all processes not just ones that have a profile set up specifically for them.


I tried to use a profile looking for * and reporting QoS for CPU and Memory. I also tried to set the target field as the different variables.


What I ended up with was QoS data for CPU and Memory with the source listed properly but with the Target as the profile name I was watching * with.  The number being reported appeared to be an aggragate of all the processes matching *. 


I guess I am wondering what others have done to put meaninful data into this report.