Setting device availability SLA using net_connect and cdm probe for devices in bulk

Discussion created by amit_saxena on Sep 29, 2011
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Hi all,


I need to set different device availability SLAs for around 100 devices with each SLA accouting for worst case among QOS_COMPUTER_UPTIME from cdm probe and QOS_NET_CONNECT from net_connect probe. In other words, if either of cdm probe and net_connect probe reports a device as unreachable, the SLA should get breached.


I want to know the following.


1) Should I set multiple SLOs per SLA or multiple QoS in one SLO subsequently in one SLA ?


2) How to set this in bulk for all devices ? I can set it for one to start with but manually setting this is qutie tedious.


Please help.



Amit Saxena