NAS Alarm grouping

Discussion created by tdsnoc on Aug 27, 2011
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Hi everyone,


I've got problems I'm trying to resolve regarding NAS alarms, hoping to get some suggestions here. I'll explain the situation first. One of our clients has about 300 servers, a bunch of network devices (switches, firewalls, routers, and loadbalancers), and lots of "application" instances (virtual webservers). I'm trying to "clean up" the alarm consoles and notifications, and I'm not having much luck.


Grouping: we have snmptd probes running on each of the client's Hub robots, each checks all robots/systems in the hub. We get a *lot* of informational messages, which we do want to keep track of, but it would be great if each server's info alarm was a count in one alarm rather than its own alarm entry.


Example 1:

Example 2:


Ideally, I'd like to have those be one entry in the alarm console with a combined count, and the user can see all machines that reported this by opening up the alarm entry and clicking on "Transaction History" the way you can see previous instances from the same host/source -- is that possible? I've configured NAS to suppress alarms based on character matches but it's not doing that, apparently because those messages all have suppression keys.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance!