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Discussion created by JustinRied on Aug 23, 2011
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This is the error or informational message when you install NMS on a MySQL database. My question is are these deprecated features of UMP, NMS, IM, or probes. If so what are they replaced with or deprecated down to?



Error: The following components are not supported for the selected database provider and will not be installed: SLM components\Report Engine, SLM components \ Group Server, SLM components\SLM setup, Availability\Alarm Console Setup, Availability \ Dashboard Server, Availability \ Dashboard Viewer Setup, Availability \ Example Dashboard, Availability

Email Reply From Justin Kaplan: 


Not an error, just info


SLM Components/Report engine – UMP and PRD

SLM Components/SLM Setup – UMP SLM

SLM Components/AC – UMP AC

Everything else – UMP Custom and Dynamic Dashboards


Moving from GUI Consoles (IM, EC) to RIA Consoles (UMP)