cisco_nxos vs snmpget vs interface_traffic probe

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Sorry for the length in advance...


I am working on deploying Nimsoft for a pure Cisco MDS switch environment. I have a list of MIBs and OIDs which I need to monitor. I know the cisco_nxos probe is specifically made for Cisco MDS and Nexus switches, and that it comes pre-configured to monitor fans, power supplies, etc. I also see that customer monitors can be added to the cisco_nxos probe.


My confusion is the following 3 probes all perform snmp get requests from what I understand from the documentation:

1) cisco_nxos

2) snmpget

3) interface_traffic


Do the snmpget and interface_traffic probes work for the CIsco MDS switches; I believe they should? How do I know when to use either of the 3 probes, and when I should add customer monitors to the cisco_nxos probe as opposed to using the snmpget or interface_traffic probe? From what I gather, they all have access to the same MIB information since all the MIBs sit in one folder 

Program Files -> Nimsoft -> MIBs


Initially my thoughts were:

1) Use cisco_nxos for chassis level monitoring (fans, power supplies, temperature, line card insertion, etc)

2) Use interface_traffic for link monitoring since it auto-detects interfaces in the chassis (link up, link down, etc)

3) Use snmpget for anything not falling under the first 2 options (like NTP)


Causing a little more confusion for me is the following:

In looking at page 16 of the documentation of the cisco_nxos probe at the following link, the image under the Create Customer Monitor example shows Interface and VSAN as items being monitored.



Does cisco_nxos track interfaces too? If so, do I not need the interface_traffic probe if cisco_nxos tracks this?


I need clarification on when to use these probes and how to best utulizing them fo Cisco MDS switches.