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Accessing a specific dashboard in UMP "custom dashboards" list without usename / password

Question asked by amit_saxena on Aug 17, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2012 by ntimm

Hi all,


This is regarding custom dashboards. When I click on "custom dashboards" tab in UMP, I get a two frame page where on the left frame, I get listing of all the custom dashboards and on the right frame, I get the equivalent dashboard. I want to refer individual dashboard through the url without authentication.


As an example, if "custom dashboards" page displays dashboards "dashboarda" and "dashboardb", then instead of the url http://IP:smileytongue:ort/user/username/custom-dashboards# , I want url like  http://IP:smileytongue:ort/..../dashboarda that too without asking for username and password.


Is it possible ?



Amit Saxena