Using the SNMPTD probe MIB Trap Browser

Discussion created by rodcook on Jun 3, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2011 by jorn.tharaldsen

I had an issue with understanding why trap definitions were not showing up in the snmptd probe's MIB trap browser.  Today I figured out the secret to getting traps to show up in the browser so you can easily create a profile for monitoring.


Here are the requirements that I have found that work for me:


1. Version 2 MIBs are required.  I didn't have a Version 3 MIB to try, but I did attempt a Version 1 MIB.  No traps definitions showed up with Version 1, but all the Version 2 trap definitions worked.


2. This second requirement was surprising.  Many of us are lazy and when we download a MIB, we do not extract the MIB from the compressed file.  The MIB Setup Wizard does allow you to browse into the compressed file and will allow you to bring the MIB into the snmptd probe.  However that MIB is useless for viewing the trap definitions.  If you extract the MIB and then bring the uncompressed version of the MIB into the MIB Setup Wizard, the traps that are in that MIB will show up in the MIB Trap browser. 


Just thought I would pass on this information as I searched the forums and support sites on how to use the snmptd MIB trap browser and found no info.


Rod Cook