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Generating alert from CDM/RSP probe in case severity of alert is changed from the current iteration to last iteration

Question asked by amit_saxena on Jun 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2011 by amit_saxena

Hi all,


I am monitoring lots of hosts using CDM and RSP probe. I am calling an external perl program on every alert using LUA. At present, it is working fine. However I need to call the external perl program only in case there is change in severity from the earlier alert compared to the current alert.


I have two options which are listed below.


1) If it is possible, configure CDM/RSP probe to generate alert only in case of change in severity and in that case create a profile to call a perl program on arrival of every alert


2) Somehow make a check in LUA to compare current alert severity with existing alert severity and only if there are different, call the perl program.


Please suggest.



Amit Saxena