Moving to new hardware and Operating System

Discussion created by rgivens on Apr 6, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2011 by ntimm

Presently, I have three hubs in our Nimsoft environment.  I would like to move from Windows 2003 Standard 32-bit to Windows 2008 Standard R2 64-bit.  I'm going to add a hub also.  I will be rebuilding on new hardware and virtual machines and will be discarding the old hardware.  What's the best way to move the primary Nimsoft hub from 2003 32-bit to 2008 64-bit?  Can I just copy the Nimsoft installation directory over to the new server, take down the old server, and then just install Nimsoft on the new server?  Is there a way I can change the name of the primary hub during this process or would it have to have the same name?