Password to the Probe Zip Files?

Discussion created by owngeek on Mar 25, 2011
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Anyone know what the password is to the probe zip files?


I mean they install and give us access to the executable and everything contained in the  probes zip file anyways so why the apssword?


I have a need to predeploy a bunch of probes configured the same way to new installs of robots.


So teh issue is that there is a windows firewall on the machiens and it needs to have an exception for every single last executable or the probes wont run.  So If i send a copy of the probes executable and a script to make the probes directory and put the EXE in there the lcoal admins can in one shot add the executables.


Otherwise right now they isntall probe and allow hdb.exe spooler.exe and controller.exe in windows firewall

Then I push out probes and they have to readd the executable files.