Installing Linux robot for NMS 5 where all files are local to the server...

Discussion created by john_a_byrne on Feb 26, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2011 by stian.seeberg

What I am trying to do is install the robot for NMS 5 where I can't / do not want to contact the hub for the installation file.


I did this all the time in NimBUS 4 but as the thread says, can't get it working now in the new version :smileyhappy:


Here's my setup.




I have and nimldr.tar.z files in the root of /opt


I untar nimldr, traverse into the nimldr directory, go to LINUX_23 and run it




I get to the point where it asks for locally available files, and give it the location of the zip file.  ( ../../ ).  No dice.


I even tried unzipping the zip files into a directory, but it's password protected.


There's nothing in the docs on how to do this where all files are local.


Any help is mightily appreciated.