Security off, after hub IP change

Discussion created by mika.tuominen on Feb 8, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by Yu_Ishitani

I'm building a new environment with NMS 5.0 version.

During the pre-install and testing I need to change the server IP for couple of times.


Every time when I change the servers IP and restart the server or robot, it disables the security.

Have done it couple of times already, and after awhile it allowed me to log on to it, but notified that security is disabled and allowed me to specify a new admin password. And after that I used the secedit to reload the old security.cfg.

Now after the latest IP change it doesn't allow me to log on to it. It just gives me an error "Cannot logon to specified hub. No security enabled. Please select a hub within the same domain with security enabled."


I have configured the new server with the same Nimbus domain name, and the current one in production use is on the same subnet. But the new isn't attached to the old hub, it's a totally new standalone environment.


Is there way to prevent this security reset when changing the servers IP address?